Authenticity Coaching
Helping individuals live authentically!

A respected name in the entertainment industry, Indy Smith has earned a reputation for utilizing her media platforms both radio and magazines in helping artists, authors, and entrepreneurs.

As an Authenticity Coach I have created a style of engagement that combines spirituality, emotional intelligence, and experiential experiences, designed to help a person understand and implement supportive life choices. The concept of living authentically comes from working from within oneself to foster a consistent and stable life.

You can never have too many questions. So I created a relationship guide of questions one can ask in the efforts of creating a successful relationship.

 “I look forward to having that one-on-one therapeutic conversation with anyone looking to grow, change, or understand their life’s choices and purpose”. Email me through the contact page and someone will contact you.

 Indy has established herself as a thought leader and trusted voice with individuals, colleges, students, and in her role as an on-air radio personality. Through her message of straightforwardness and empathy Indy has become a regular speaker at many empowerment conferences across the country. Please contact Indy for your next panel/event.

In a perfect world, our loved ones would be the best listeners, however, if that is missing our Indy’s Lens Webinars provide a safe open space to learn how to deal with adversity and share life’s day-to-day challenges. Subjects such as dealing with grief or setbacks and learning to accept yourself or someone else behavior is shared on our small weekly webinars. Please contact us for the next empowerment webinar date and we will add you to our webinar mailing list.

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